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Remix 2020

Ryan Fors Remix 2020 Project Cards Stencil Painting Drawing Art

2020 wasn't all bad. One of my favorite things of the year was the Topps Project 2020. Getting to see 20 different artists take on 20 iconic baseball rookie card was pretty cool!

Of course I wanted to be included in the Topps project but I wasn't so I had to show them what they were missing. I had to start with the Griffey, my favorite card from the set. Although I will admit doing these had made me appreciate the other designs more.

Ryan Fors Remix 2020 Project Cards Stencil Painting Drawing Art

This is the set thru 12. I started late and got sidetracked with a few commissions late in the year but I will complete this set of 20 soon. The cards are very nice. I knew I wanted a thick card that would feel expensive and up to my high standards.

- 38 pt Ultra Thick with a Velvet Finish

- Triple layered stock with Black edges

- Penny Sleeve and Top Loader included

- Remix 2020 Sticker


These are all painted on a 18x24 canvas with the exception of Griffey Jr, he is a 24x30. Some have a little digital work done before I send to print

Card 13 is Joe Mauer and has been sent to print. 7 left to go. I'm thinking Randy Johnson, Mays, Nolan and Brett for sure. Who else would you want to see? Keeping in mind, I'm not trying to stick to the P2020 guys or even Topps cards


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