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Updated: Jan 12, 2021

With a new year lets bring on some new changes. We all love some artwork. We all love having something someone else doesn't have. So from here on out, the open edition prints and paintings will be very few and far between. I'd like to start only working on commission paintings and limited numbered pieces. Now this will mean a couple things: • Pricing will be increased but... • Everything will be limited and numbered • Increased details and sizing

• Premium 2-inch thick canvases

The limited pieces will only be available via my web store All of the current open edition stuff will slowly start to be retired so grab those while you can for your collections

Open editions are works of art of an unlimited number.


The Joe Mauer piece was a good example. 3, 24x30 paintings were made and 7, 16x20 prints were made. All of which sold out in a day.

Joe Mauer Ryan Fors Painting Stencil Minnesota Twins
Joe Mauer 24x30 Painting


Q: How do I order a new commission piece for my collection?

Good question, an email is always a good place to start. I can be contacted at Please give me a detailed description of what you are thinking of getting done. From there I can work with you on pricing. Keep in mind I want to move into larger, more detailed paintings on a thick premium canvas.

Q: Do you only paint Minnesota sports?

No, while I'm from Minnesota and a fan of most of the players, I am not limited to Minnesota or sports. Pets, Graduations, Weddings, Youth Sports (League Zero - shameless plug) are all great ideas

More of my work can be seen on my Instagram page along with a few more limited pieces.

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